District 8 Clubs

Clinton, Gratiot, Ionia, Isabella, Kent, Mecosta, Midland, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Ottawa, Saginaw, and Shiawassee Counties Historic and Current Snowmobile Club's Patches, Logos, and Decals below.


Maple Rapids Trailblazers
clinton_maple_rapids_trailblazers_1.png (336224 bytes)

Nite Riders Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Central Michigan Snowmobile Club

Wrenching For No Reason


Belding Drift-Busters
(Logo/Patch Needed)

Flat River Driftbusters
ionia_flat_river_driftbuster.jpg (110338 bytes)

Grand Valley Starlight Riders

Hubb Snow Goers
ionia_hubb_snow_goers_1.jpg (317603 bytes)

Lakewood Snow Goers
ionia_lakewood_snow_goers_1.jpg (120864 bytes)

Lyons Drift Riders
(Logo/Patch Needed)


Isabella county has no documented Snowmobile Club(s). If you can help identify one and/or a patch/logo that would be a big help preserving our state's rich snowmobile history. Contact us via E-Mail or Facebook. Thank you.  


Byron Center Snowmobile Assn
kent_byron_center_snowmobile_association_1.png (4013788 bytes)

Caledonia Sno Lords
kent_caledonia_sno_lords.jpg (48636 bytes)

Dutton Snowmobile Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Forest Hills Sno-mobile Association
kent_forest_hills_sno-mobile_ass_2.jpg (362038 bytes) kent_forest_hills_sa.png (196339 bytes)

Greater Grand Rapids Sno-Mobile Association 
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Night Riders Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

North Kent Snowmobilers
kent_north_kent_snowmobile_club.jpg (83594 bytes)

Sno Drifters
kent_sno_drifters.png (518516 bytes)

Tallmadge Sno-Goers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

The Flat River Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Western MI Museum & Library
kent_wmsml.jpg (164501 bytes)

West Michigan Snowmobile Council
kent_wmsc.JPG (98773 bytes)


Hilltoppers Snowmobile Club
mecosta_hilltoppers_1.png (337657 bytes)mecosta_hilltoppers_2.png (257451 bytes)mecosta_hilltoppers_3.png (797202 bytes)

Mecosta County Association Of Snowmobile Clubs
mecosta_county_association_of_snowmobile_clubs.png (318654 bytes)

Michigan Sno-Bugs
mecosta_sno_bugs.png (1060327 bytes)

Nite Riders Snowmobile Club
mecosta_nite_riders.png (477600 bytes)

Paris Trailblazers Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Tri-Lakes Snowmobile Club
mecosta_tri_lakes.jpg (93349 bytes)

White Pine Snow Trackers Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Midland County has no documented Snowmobile Club(s). If you can help identify one and/or a patch/logo that would be a big help preserving our state's rich snowmobile history. Contact us via E-Mail or Facebook. Thank you.   


Fish Creek Snowmobilers
montcalm_fish_creek.png (423911 bytes)

Montcalm Area Snowriders

Sno-Drifters of Central Michigan
montcalm_sno_drifters_1.jpg (224863 bytes) montcalm_sno_drifters_2.jpg (82685 bytes) montcalm_sno_drifters_3.jpg (185474 bytes)


Crockery Creek Snow Blazers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

East Muskegon Sno-Busters
muskegon_east_muskegon_sno_busters.jpg (131242 bytes)

Northside Sno Vets
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club Of Fruitport
muskegon_sno-drifters.jpg (242204 bytes)

muskegon_sno-putters_1.jpg (151763 bytes)muskegon_sno-putters_2.jpg (91480 bytes)

Twisting Trails Sno Braves
muskegon_TT.jpg (145332 bytes)
muskegon_TT2.jpg (108576 bytes)muskegon_twisting_trails_sno_braves_1.png (3663595 bytes)

West Shore Snowmobile Council
muskegon_west_shore_snowmobile_council.JPG (83151 bytes)

White Lake Area Sno-Eagles
muskegon_white_lake_area.jpg (226499 bytes)


Bridgeton Snow Devils Snowmobile
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Croton Sno Drifters
newaygo_croton_sno_drifters.png (529645 bytes)

Fremont Sno-Packers
newaygo_fremont_sno_packers.png (272751 bytes)

Hi-Rollers Snowmobile Club
newaygo_hi_rollers_1.png (1977191 bytes)

Newaygo County Snow Chasers

Newaygo County Snowmobile Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Trailblazers Snowmobile Club
newaygo_trailblazers_1.png (2117787 bytes)

White Cloud
newaygo_white_cloud.jpg (202743 bytes)


Devil Riders Snowmobile Club
Later White Knights
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Oceana Snowdrifters
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Oceana Trail Blazers
oceana_trail_blazer.png (155892 bytes)

White Knights Snowmobile Club
oceana_white_knights.png (504209 bytes)

White River Sno Trackers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Grand Valley Snow Riders 
ottawa_grand_valley_snow_riders.png (2003036 bytes)ottawa_grand_valley_sno_riders.png (387152 bytes)

Ottawa Sno-Dusters
ottawa_sno_dusters.jpg (29732 bytes)


Bad River Bunch
saginaw_bad_river_bunch.jpg (155154 bytes)

Buena Vista Sno-Drifters
saginaw_buena_vista_sno_drifters.jpg (184717 bytes)

Chesaning Area Snowmobilers Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Frankenmuth Snowmobile Club
saginaw_frankenmuth.jpg (140099 bytes)

Gotta Go Gang Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Posse Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Saginaw Eagles Snowmobile Club 
saginaw_eagles_snowmobile_club.png (3329261 bytes)

St. Charles Bulldogs Snowmobile Club
saginaw_st_charles_bulldogs_snowmobile_club.png (1380864 bytes)

Saints Snowmobile Club
saginaw_st_charles.png (1754923 bytes) saginaw_saints_snowmobile_club_2.jpg (50448 bytes)

Thomas Township Snow Goers
saginaw_thomas_township_sno-goers.jpg (368111 bytes)

Tri-City Snowmobile Club
saginaw_tri_city.jpg (49358 bytes)

Winter Warriors Snowmobile Club
saginaw_winter_warriors.jpg (110523 bytes)


Durand Lennon Rough Riders
shiawassee_durand_lennon_rough_riders_2.jpg (42528 bytes)shiawassee_durand_lennon_rough_riders.png (3049065 bytes)

Frosty Trails 
Shiawassee_frosty_trails.jpg (1674561 bytes)

Flushing Frozen Forty
shiawassee_flushing_frozen_40.jpg (63232 bytes)

Moonlight Riders Snowmobile Club
shiawassee_morrice_moonlight_riders.png (273745 bytes)

Owosso Sno-Scramblers
shiawassee_owosso_sno_scrambers.png (1025555 bytes)

Pittsburg Corners Moonlighters
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

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