District 6

Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Lake, Leelanau, Manistee, Mason, Missaukee, Osceola, and Wexford Counties Historic and Current Snowmobile Club's Patches, Logos, and Decals below.


Benzie L'Atuo Neige Club
benzie_l_auto_neige_club.jpg (278343 bytes) benzie_lnc.JPG (75937 bytes)

Blaine Joyfield Rat Pack

Eagles Mania Snowmobile Club
benize_eagles_mania.png (1168218 bytes)

Gateway Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Grand Traverse

grand_traverse_asba.png (64301 bytes)

Fife Lake Boat and Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Fife Lake Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club
grand_traverse_fife_lake_1.jpg (290382 bytes)

Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club
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Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Council

Grand Traverse County Snowmobile Council
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Grand Traverse Snow Spiders Snowmobile Club
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Grand Traverse Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Grand Traverse Trail Travelers
grand_traverse_trail_travelers.jpg (375176 bytes)

grand_traverse_trail_travelers_1 .png (3858872 bytes)grand_traverse_trail_travlers_2.jpg (187582 bytes)

GT Snowmobile Club
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Kingsley Area Snow Kings 
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Traverse Trail Travelers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Kalkaska County Snowmobile Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Kalkaska Sno-Packers
kalkaska_sno-packers.jpg (137911 bytes)kalkaska_kalkaska_snowmobile_club.jpg (134038 bytes)


Baldwin Snow Queens
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Baldwin Snowmobilers
lake_bladwin_1.jpg (110453 bytes)lake_bladwin_2.jpg (37033 bytes)

Idlewild and Baldwin Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Trail Riders Snowmobile Club
lake_trail_riders_1.jpg (173199 bytes)


Cedar Hill Toppers
leelanau_cedar_hilltoppers.png (254540 bytes)

Leland Sno-Drifters
leelanau_leland_sno-drifters.jpg (124488 bytes)

Sleeping Bear Snow Riders
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Suttons Bay Blizzards
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Arcadia Ridge Runners
manistee_arcadia_rr.jpg (51332 bytes)

Arcadia Sno Riders
manistee_arcadia_sno_riders.jpg (470213 bytes) manistee_arcadia_sno_riders_2.jpg (104179 bytes)

Arcadia Vintage Ridge Runners
manistee_arcadia_v_rr.jpg (52343 bytes)

Benzie ~ Manistee ~ Snowbirds
manistee_snowbirds.jpg (75783 bytes)
manistee_snowbirds_2.png (1831609 bytes)

Birds of Snow
manistee_birds_of_snow.jpg (296311 bytes)

Wellston Winter Trails & Promotions
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Lakeshore Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Mason County Sno Travelers
mason_sno_travelers.png (965568 bytes)


Lake City Snowmobilers
missaukee_lake_city_snowmobilers.png (777650 bytes)

Missaukee Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Greater Marion Winter Sports Club
osceola_greater_marion_winter_sports_club.png (846590 bytes)

Pere Marquette Snowmoible Club

Pine River Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club
osceola_pine_river_trail_blazers.jpg (106228 bytes)

Reed City Valley Sno Goers


Caberfae Way Snowmobile Club
wexford_caberfae_way_snowmobile_club.jpg (89301 bytes)

Cadillac Boon Devils
wexford_cadillac_boon_devils.png (485211 bytes)

Cadillac Sno Trackers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Cadillac Sno-Birds
wexford_cadillac_sno-birds_large.jpg (144300 bytes)

Cadillac Winter Warriors
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Crossroads Trailblazers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Manton Snow Devils
wexford_manton_snow_devils.png (786613 bytes)wexford_manton_snow_devils_2.png (2410423 bytes)

wexford_nasf.jpg (94400 bytes)

Seaton Creek Nite Riders
wexford_seaton_creek.jpg (339660 bytes)

Springville Ski & Track
wexford_springville_1.png (1111534 bytes)

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