District 5

Alcona, Arenac, Bay, Clare, Crawford, Gladwin, Iosco, Ogemaw, Oscoda, Otsego, and Roscommon Counties Historic and Current Snowmobile Club's Patches, Logos, and Decals below.


Glennie Sno-Cats
alcona_glennie_sno_cats_1.png (956781 bytes)alcona_glennie_sno_cats_2.png (206027 bytes)

Greenbush Snowmobile Club
alcona_greenbush_1.png (1190601 bytes)

Iosco - Alcona County Event
alcona_iosco_large.jpg (61543 bytes)


Point Au Gres Snowmobile Club
arenac_pt_au_gres_snowmobile_club.jpg (195289 bytes) arenac_pt_au_gres_snowmobile_club_2.jpg (168895 bytes)


Bay Area Sledders
bay_area_sledders_large.jpg (10359 bytes)

Bay Area Sno-Drifters
bay_sno-drifters_large.jpg (88395 bytes)

Essexville Hampton Bay Riders
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Hampton Dike Bangerz
bay_hampton_dike_bangerz.jpg (137500 bytes)


Clare County Snowmobile Association

Farwell Easy Riders Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed) 

Harrison Snowmobile Association 
clare_harrison_snowmobile_assn.jpg (77588 bytes)

Harrison Snowriders
clare_harrison_snowriders_web.jpg (86248 bytes) clare_harrison_snowriders.png (1317709 bytes)

Harrison-Leota Snowriders
clare_harrison_leota_snowpackers_web.JPG (120082 bytes)
clare_harrison_leota_snowpackers_2.jpg (181323 bytes)

Leota/Fur Farm Snowmobile Club 
clare_leota_fur_farm.jpg (78122 bytes)

Merideth Trail Blazers
Misspelled, Correct Meredith 
clare_merideth.png (818660 bytes)

Mott Mountain Snowmobile Club
clare_mott_mt_snowmobile_club.jpg (372982 bytes)

Old School House Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed) 

Surrey Roadsters Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed) 

White Birch Lakes of Clare Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed) 


AuSable Sno-Birds
crawford_sno_birds_1.jpg (180292 bytes) crawford_sno_birds_2.jpg (113917 bytes)

AuSable Valley Snowmobile Association 
crawford_ausable_valley_snowmoible_association.png (107114 bytes)

Grayling Trailmasters Snowmobile Club
crawford_grayling_trailmasters.png (305695 bytes)

Greater Grayling Snowmobile Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


All-Bright Shores Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Gladwin County Ice Carnival Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Gladwin County Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Ra-Mar Sno Sports
gladwin_ra-mar_Sno_Sports.jpg (69350 bytes)

Secord Lake Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Tittabawassee Tracks & Treads
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Wixom Lake River Runners

Wooden Shoe Snowmobile Club


Au Sable Valley Trailriders Association
isoco_ausable_valley_trailriders_2.png (1744998 bytes)iosco_ausable_valley_trailriders_3.png (1335740 bytes) Ausable_Valley_Trailriders.jpg (10571 bytes)

Hale Area Trail Blazers
iosco_hale_sno-travelers_1st_generation.jpg (53757 bytes)hale_area_trail_blazers.jpg (68904 bytes)iosco_hale_area_trail_blazers2.jpg (359531 bytes)

Huron Snowmobile Association
iosco_huron_snow_assn_isoco_1.png (1464826 bytes)iosco_huron_snow_assn_isoco_2.jpg (345306 bytes)iosco_huron_snowmobile_association_patch.png (1280524 bytes)

Iosco Snowdrifters
iosco_snowdrifters_1.png (3351436 bytes)

Monument Trail Riders
(Logo/Patch Needed)

Sand Lake Sno-Goers
iosco_sand_lake_sno-goers.jpg (181969 bytes)
iosco_sand_lake_charter_member.jpg (78078 bytes) iosco_sand_lake_sno_goers_star.jpg (430994 bytes)

Snow Snoopers
iosco_snow_snoopers.jpg (74255 bytes)

Sunrise Side Trail Busters
iosco_sunrise_side.jpg (337114 bytes)

Whittemore Snow Flyers

Cystic Fibrosis 
alcona_iosco_large.jpg (61543 bytes)


Lake Ogemaw Pioneer Club
ogemaw_lake_ogemaw_pioneer_snowmobile_club.png (1411483 bytes)

Lupton Ridge Runners
ogemaw_lupton_ridge_runners_large.jpg (118501 bytes)

Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club
ogemaw_Ogemaw_hills_2.jpg (598291 bytes)
 ogemaw_Ogemaw_hills_3.jpg (459941 bytes)
ogemaw_ogemaw_hills_snowmobile_club.jpg (464373 bytes)ogemaw_Ogemaw_hills_1.jpg (350933 bytes)
ogemaw_Ogemaw_hills_1_decal.jpg (34224 bytes)

Sage Lake Snowmobile Club
ogemaw_sage_lake_snowmobile_club.png (272767 bytes)


Au Sable Valley Snow Groomers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Gaylord Area Snowmobile Council
otsego_gaylord_area_snowmobile_council.jpg (161197 bytes)

Vanderbilt Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Houghton Lake Snowmobile Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Houghton Lake Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Houghton Lake Trailblazers Club
roscommon_houghton_lake_trailblazers_logo_old.jpg (309786 bytes)roscommon_houghton_lake_trailblazers_logo_new.jpg (291773 bytes)

roscommon_houghton_lake_trailblazers.png (1192036 bytes)

Rosco Higgins Trail Cruisers
rosommon_rosc_higgins_trail_blazers.jpg (369250 bytes)

St. Helen Snow Packers 
roscommon _st_helen_snow_pacers_large.JPG (82871 bytes)

roscommon_st_helen_snow_packers_3.jpg (11895 bytes) roscommon _st._helen.JPG (85539 bytes)

roscommon_st_helen_snow_packers_2.jpg (68068 bytes)

The North Country SnowSeekers
roscommon_snowseekers1.png (801716 bytes)

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