District 1

Baraga, Gogebic, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon Counties Historic and Current Snowmobile Club's Patches, Logos, and Decals below.


Baraga County Sno-Drifters

Baraga Sno-Kats
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Northern Sno-Flyers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Erwin Conservation and Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Gogebic Range Trail Authority
gogebic_gogebic_range_trail_authority.jpg (96812 bytes)

Gogebic Snowmobile Club
gogebic_snowmobile_club.jpg (62217 bytes)

Marenisco Snowmobile Club
gogebic_marenisco.jpg (23379 bytes)

Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

U.P. Thunder Riders Of Watersmeet
gogebic_thunder_riders_1.jpg (41003 bytes)

Wakefield Sno Birds Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Zig Zaggers Snowmobile Club
gogebic_zig_zaggers.png (656326 bytes)


Chassell Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Copper Country Sno-Kats
houghton_copper_country_snow_kats.png (767178 bytes)

Greeley Riders Snowmobile Club
houghton_greeley_riders.jpg (63403 bytes)

Keweenaw Snowmobile Club
houghton_keweenaw_snowmobile_club_1.jpg (105029 bytes)

Range Sno-Mobile Club
houghton_range_1968.jpg (90766 bytes)
hougton_range_sno-mobile_club_patch_old.jpg (201069 bytes)

houghton_range_sc_new.JPG (95149 bytes) houghton_range_sc_modern.jpg (133906 bytes)

hougton_range_sc_80s.png (751934 bytes) houghton_range_pin.png (373888 bytes)

Sno Valley Riders Club
houghton_sno_valley_riders.jpg (118701 bytes)

Valley Sno Drifters
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Chippewa Sno-Kats Trail Club
iron_chippewa_sno_kats.png (527812 bytes)

High Noon Moonlighters
iron_high_noon_moonlighters.png (412634 bytes)

Iron Range Snowmobile Association
iron_iron_range_snowmobile_association.png (852272 bytes)

Iron Range Trail Club
iron_iron_range_trail_club_2.png (152262 bytes)

Peta's Skeg Burners
iron_petas_skeg_burners.png (669856 bytes)


Copper Harbor Riders
keweenaw_copper_harbor_riders.jpg (34902 bytes) keweenaw_copper_harbor_riders_50.png (581045 bytes)

Hill and Gully Riders
keweenaw_hill_and_gully_riders.png (1526478 bytes)

Keweenaw Snow Kings
keweenaw_snow_kings.jpg (22755 bytes)

Keweenaw Snowmobile Patch
keweenaw _patch_not_club.png (209364 bytes)


Adventure Mountain Snowmobile Club
ontonagon_adventure_mountain_snowmobile_club_1.jpg (171618 bytes)

Bear Creek Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Gogebic Area Grooming
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

North Country Snowmobile Club
ontonagon_north_country.jpg (106404 bytes) 

Northern Voyageurs Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Ontonagon Sno-Cruisers Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Porcupine Mountain Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Road Runners Snowmobile Club

Sno-Go Inn Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Sno-Riders Snowmobile Club
ontonagon_yooper_sno_riders_black.jpg (113063 bytes)ontonagon_yooper_sno_riders_green.png (256534 bytes)

Sno-Ryders Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Superior Snowmobile Club
ontonagon_superior_snowmobile_club_2.jpg (67194 bytes)

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