District 7

Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Lenawee, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Sanilac, St. Clair, Tuscola, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties Historic and Current Snowmobile Club's Patches, Logos, and Decals below.


All Laid Up Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Arrowhead Riders Snowmobile Club
genesee_arrowhead_riders_1.jpg (22051 bytes)

Davison Sno-Fun Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Dum-Dums Snowmobile Club
genesse_dum_dums.png (1022961 bytes)

Genesee County Snowmobile Club
genesee_genesee_county_snowmobile_club.jpg (293796 bytes)

Michigan Snowmobilers of the Deaf
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Montrose Snow Seekers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Sno Bums
genesee_sno_bums.png (1080488 bytes)

The Number 1 Team
Genesee_the_number_1_team.png (521506 bytes)

Town Hall Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Trail Riders of Flint
genesee_flint_trailriders_1.jpg (238953 bytes)genesee_flint_trailriders_2.jpg (35619 bytes)

genesee_flint_trailriders_3.jpg (81496 bytes)


Huron Line Sno-Goers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Thumb Drift Jumpers
huron_thumb_drift_jumpers.jpg (189588 bytes) huron_thumb_drift_jumpers_2.jpg (377970 bytes)

Thumb Sno-Goers
huron_caseville_sno-goers.JPG (248081 bytes)

Twin Hills Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Ubly Piston Poppers
huron_ubly_piston_poppers.png (470299 bytes)


Clifford Sno Drifters
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Imlay City Trail Riders
imlay_city_trail_riders.jpg (376919 bytes)

Lapeer Drift Busters
lapeer_drift_busters_cubs.png (359160 bytes)

North Branch Sno Byrds
lapeer_north_branch_sno_byrds.jpg (33722 bytes)


Elbow Benders
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Roam'n Snowmen

Southern Michigan & 
Northern Ohio 
Vintage Snowmobile Ass'n

(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Tecumseh Snowriders Club 
"Lords of the Snow"
lewanee_tecumseh_snowmobile_club.png (516916 bytes)


Lakeland Snowmobile Association
livingston_lakeland_snowmobile_association.jpg (275062 bytes)

Livingston County Driftbusters
livingston_driftbusters.png (394676 bytes)

Whitmore Lake Sno-Rovers
livingston_sno_rovers.png (1745363 bytes)


Armada Sno Tigers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Belt Busters of Utica
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Center Line Snowjobs

North Macomb Snow Sports Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Roseville Sno-Ryders
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

macomb_sno_snoopers_1.png (3951881 bytes)macomb_sno_snoopers_decal_large.jpg (95586 bytes)

Sterling Heights Sno Runners
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Stoney Creek Sno Drifters
macomb_stoney_creek_1.png (2434423 bytes)

Tip-Over Snowmobile Club
macomb_tip_overs_1.jpg (119980 bytes)

Warren Trail Breakers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Bedford Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Monroe Trailbreakers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)


Fastrax Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

F-Troop Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Holly Hill Hoppers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Lake Orion Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Eastern MI Snowmobile Derby
oakland_troy_snowmobile_derby.jpg (678126 bytes)

Rochester Hills Snowmobile Club
oakland_rochester_hills.png (706428 bytes)

Sterling Trail Runners
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Union Lake Snow Owls
oakland_union_lake_snow_owls_1.jpg (239557 bytes)

Yellow Panthers 
oakland_yellow_panthers.png (536344 bytes)


Lexington Snowmobile Club
Lexington_snowmobile_club.jpg (34590 bytes)

Thumbs Up Snowmobile Club

St. Clair

Anchor Bay Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Capac Winter Rovers Snowmobile Club
st_clair_emmett_road_runners_1.jpg (97210 bytes)

Emmett Road Runners
st_clair_winter_rovers_1.jpg (104413 bytes)


Cass River Sno-Drifters
tuscola_cass_river_snow_drifters_1.png (894419 bytes)tuscola_cass_river_sno_difters.JPG (320913 bytes)

Eagle Snow Birds
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Gateway Sportsmen and Snowgoers Club
tuscola_gateway_snowgoers.png (1622444 bytes)

Gateway Sportsmen and Snowmobilers Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Spindle Benders


Inverness Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Washtenaw Sno-Ryders
washtenaw_sno_ryders_1.jpg (153890 bytes)washtenaw_sno_ryders_3.png (718078 bytes)washtenaw_sno_ryders_2.png (4153170 bytes)


Action Marine Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Downriver Sno Stars
wayne_sno_stars_1.png (250308 bytes)

Ford Snowmobile Club
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Livonia Sno-Flakes
wayne_livonia_sno_flakes.png (1845943 bytes)

Michigan Marine and Snowmobile Dealers Association
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Northside Snow Drifters
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

Northville Snow Drifters
wayne_northville_snow_drifters.jpg (199478 bytes)

SnomadS Snosarfi Club
wayne_snomads.jpg (226618 bytes)
wayne_snowmads_2.png (1374503 bytes)

Wayne County Sportsmen's Club Snowmobilers
(Logo/Patch/Info Needed)

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