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Antique & Vintage ski-doo Paint (Peinture) and Paint Codes

Below is Still In Work!  For Information Only.  Thanks to the many, many, people who sent below to help others.  Not responsible for outcome (too many variables) or health hazards with restoration work.  Use common sense and the proper safety and personal protection equipment Follow manufacture instructions; MSDS; Federal, Province, State, and Local  Laws.  Again, as everything in this site, for information only.  Always check with your local ski-doo dealer for the correct information.

Here's what's been sent so far as of  11 Nov 22 Keep scrolling down it's a long list

11 Nov 22
Mid to Late 1960s Yellow many people are happy with SpectraMaster CAS3586, Atlas Yellow, Fastdry Arcylic Enamel SS 843295 IE E Std # 843295. You can get it put into 7.5 oz Spray Bomb. 
Jacques in Quebec reports he has been using Dupont Spectramaster YS 913 IE for years when restoring 1966-1970 ski-doos.
31 Oct 22
Ski-Doo Bombardier Yellow by Dupont Canada, Dulux Enamel DU1372 Group .01, is being used for the 1966-1968 ski-doos with good success.

26 Oct 22
For1972 TNTs with the White Center Hood, please are having good results, for using a spray can for riders, with NAPA Scottish Yellow.
28 Jan 22
Bubblenose Era folks are having pleasing results with RAL 1023 (RAL-1023) Traffic Yellow. It's bright yellow with a polyester solid tone and gloss finish (Gloss 71-85 Gloss Units). 
7 Oct 21
Tip: Many Professional Restorers are laying a white base coat, then yellow..  
6 Oct 21
Some folks, with good success, for 1968 ski-doo Yellow are using Rust-Oleum Yellow Ginger 344692
Others for 1966 to 1970 are using:
NAPA Sunburst Yellow K9662
NAPA Martin Senour 99L-10524
Mazda Solar Yellow Effect 25C
6 Aug 21
Spray Can Updates: Many people are now using Golden Sunset Gloss Premier Paint + Primer from Canadian Tire for mid-'60s to 1970.  Also, for painting frames to match an original faded hood a lot of folks are using Caterpillar Yellow.
24 Dec 20
Spray Bomb, Rattle Can, Aerosol Spray Paint whatever you can them here's one to consider for early ski-doo.  Bombe pulvérisée, Rattle Can, Aérosol Spray Paint tout ce que vous pouvez, en voici un à considérer pour le ski-doo précoce.  Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X 12 oz. Gloss Marigold

marigold-rust-oleum-painter-s-touch-2x-general-purpose-spray-paint-249862-64_1000.jpg (60326 bytes)
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27 Oct 19
Many thanks to the following folks who report on what they "doo" and found.

Kingsville Doo Nut: Uses PPG Essential 800560 (see picture) 

70 Invader: PPG Essential paint is the best product he's found. It covers well being and is tough as nails when cured. Gas and thinner resistant as well. Uses 505745 yellow and it matches ski-doo's yellow very good. 

Rusthound: His photo is original Sico Luxsico Bombardier Yellow 510-500 paint can. The hand written part # on top of the can is 413-4001.

paint_essential.png (194929 bytes)paint_sico_luxsico_tin_cab.png (134456 bytes)

11 July 19 from Al.

RV Yellow: Nason YS284, Ful-Cryl, Sprectramaster Yellow. Use this for side triangles, also entire hoods of RVs and various TNTs. Note: A tad too much red for 100% bright yellow polycarb olys.

F/A Orange: Omni MAE. Brand code 60677, OEM 5146. Use it for F/A orange hoods and clutch covers.

Both of these codes are single stage, acrylic enamels. Appears they are making things thinner, i.e. they’ve added reducers to them as packaged. Suppose it’s one way to keep things less expensive.


1.  These are from Mike, who got them directly from Bombardier

RM Paint Cie--ski-doo Yellow BASF Cie --ski-doo Red
1960-1963 1964-1970 1960-1965
TE 01 = 100 TE 01 = 100 Code # 79668
TE 72 = 562 TE 71 = 769
TE 74 = 965 TE 74 = 956
TE 51 = 1000 TE 94 = 998
TE 42 = 1000
Richard, from Michigan, adds these from R'egent Couture
ski-doo Yellow 1959 
RM Miracyl
ski-doo Yellow 1977-1979
RM (see #8 below)
1974 Nordic Frame RM
101 = 100 TE-01 = 100 TE-01 = 100
701 = 500 TE-72 = 723 TE-85 = 550
702 = 860 TE-94 = 970 TE-14 = 635
704 = 1820 TE-79 = 1000 TE-25 = 687
709 = 904 TE-66 = 717
100 = 1000 TE-33 = 733
TE-10 = 1000

1a.  From Frank (this is outstanding) 5 Jan 03:  I'm sending you this E-mail cause I just repainted (complete restoration ) my 1964 ski-doo two weeks before Christmas 2002.  I did a lot of research to get the right color and wanted it as perfect as possible. I have contacted the museum in Valcourt and they gave me the same color recipe as the one aboveBut, when I went to my Carquest store to get my RM paint by Limco the guy told me that those paint code were the old code and that they did not exist anymore. So I called a representative at the RM Limco company in Toronto and this guy gave me the new code for that same color that you have on your page.  Here's the new code: 

Bombardier Yellow 1964 to 1970 Urethane, 1 Gallon:

LB105 Flow control 204.5 grams
LB701 Bright yellow 2,472.2 grams
LB704 Ferrite yellow 3,007.7 grams
LB900 Bright white 3,128.2 grams
LB402 Ebony 3,132.0 grams
LMC3 Urethane mixing 4,333.1 grams

I have painted my '64 and my '70 Olympic cab with this urethane paint putting on a good primer on the metallic surfaces that I had sandblasted and four coats of that RM Limco top coat and I had nothing but congratulations since I did it.  It is not a 100% exact but I would say it is 99% as close as the original color of my 1964 Ski-Doo, considering that the color on my old frame was 40 years old. Finally I use the same code for the red paint # 79668.

2.  From Joe (this guy knows his stuff):  OK, if your "dooing" a '65 here's what you use (the original paint was R&M) Martin-Senior available from NAPA.  The code for the paint is 99-59033 that's the yellow for 65-70.  As for the bright red on the tips of the skis I came the up with 99-39068.  Hope this helps that's the best match I can find and let me tell you I have done a lot of playing around.  Good luck!  Joe.

3.  From Buck and Connie (I've seen their restored machines and all blew me away!):  The paint we use is Delstar Brand: Paint number DAR 81259,  Hardner number DXR 80.

4.  From the ski-doo IPB, January 1970, Catalog # 480 1011, section 6.

  • Bombardier Yellow Enamel Paint, SICO Luxsico, Part number 510-500

  • Bombardier Black Flat Paint (Dull Finish) SICO Luxsico, Part number 510-190

5.  Here's another input:  Ditzler #:  Yellow--81259  Black--9000

6.  And another:  DUPONT Bombardier Yellow #:  M2666D

7.  Larry and Richard, from Michigan, send in this information from 70's catalog number 480 4300 00:

Description Shade ski-doo Part # Picture

Peinture En Pinte/Paint in Quart

All models up to 1970 Yellow 413 4001 00

Cabin Silver Grey 1973 models Silver Grey 413 4016 00
Frame Silver Grey T'NT 1973
See #15 below also.
Silver Grey 413 4019 00

Peinture En Aerosol 13 on./Paint Spray 13oz 

All models up to 1970 Yellow 413 4005 00

All models from 1970 Yellow 413 4008 00
Black all snowmobiles Black 413 4010 00
White White 413 4015 00
Cabin Silver Grey 1973 models Silver Grey 413 4017 00
Frame Silver Grey T'NT 1973 Silver Grey 413 4018 00
Frame Brown Nordic 1973-1974 Brown 413 4020 00
Cabin Brown Nordic 1973-1974 Brown 413 4021 00
Console Brown Nordic 1973-1974 Brown 413 4025 00
Cabin Black High Gloss T'NT 73-74-75 Black 413 0026 00
Orange T'NT FA from 1974 Orange 413 0028 00
Orange Alpine from 1975 Orange 413 0031 00
Yellow T'NT FA 1977 & Elite 1978 Yellow 413 4036 00

8.  Richard gave me this info for 1977 ski-doo yellow:  PPG use  code DCC 88208

     Mid to late-'60s PPG use acrylic enamel, yellow  (DAR 81259)

9.  Al has painted several 73 and 74 TNT F/As using the below information he sent in (check out the results on the bottom of the page):

I found these codes by taking a hood in and comparing the colors to those in the dealer's book of paint chits.  White was the hardest to match---a lot of different shades of white on car market today.

Enamel is slow to dry unless you use a catalyst/hardener (more on that below).

Color codes for  Du Pont Centari to match a 73/74 FA TNT:

White--LS 012A Spectramaster Light Neutral
Orange--YS 073A  Spectramaster Yellow
Yellow--YS 913A  Spectramaster Yellow
Black--99A Pitch Black

If you decide to go use this black you will also have to get a pint or so of DuPont flattening agent.  Black is black---no color variation.   But the level of gloss does need to be addressed.  Get a data sheet from the store that tells you the maximum mixing ratio for the flattening agent.    I can't find mine at the moment, but believe it was something like a maximum of 30% flattening agent to the total Reduced mix that you're going to spray (i.e. 8 parts color to 4 parts reducer to (12 x .30= 3.6 parts-maximum flattener).  Flat blacks can be a little tricky to spray.  Final flatness is as much a function of how flat (smooth) the underlying primer is as well as the mix in of the top coat.  I wound up wet-sanding my primer (two part epoxy PPG DP 40 with DP 401 as a catalyst) and used the maximum amount of flattening agent.   Wound up with a with a factory looking semi gloss on my 73 hood.   On the 74, I didn't sand the primer and used the same mix in the black top coat.   Final product was flatter than the 73.  My suggestion is to shoot a test panel on an old hood before you go final.

Other things to be aware of.  If  your DuPont jobber only has lead free paint, you might not have any option but to use a hardener for the top coats.   DuPont recommends  two products, 792S and 793s.  Either will work for shooting a hood.  This stuff causes your paint to harden quicker and with a higher gloss---helpful when doing a multi-colored hood.   The down side is that it contains some nasty chemicals (iso-cyanides).    DuPont recommends positive pressure breathing mask;  Use latex gloves when handing
the 792/3 and don't get any of the undiluted stuff on your skin.    Don't leave the can of  792 open any longer than you have to, and when measuring mix it with the paint as soon as possible.  This will minimize your exposure.

This isn't inexpensive.   The paint will run between $30 (leaded) and $45 a quart;  the 792/792 is another $25 to $30. Somewhat cheaper than most base/clear coat systems however.  A catalyzed Centrari enamel is essentially a urethane paint.  So don't feel too bad about the prices.

11.  Sent in from John in Canada--I've seen his machines and they are top-notch!
I have found that for the semi-gloss black for tunnels and etc. for the ski-doo is to use John Deere medium gloss black.  You can get it in spray bombs, quarts, or gallons from your friendly John Deere dealer.  If you are going to spray it yourself I suggest getting the John Deere thinner.  It dries pretty quick and has a great finish on it.  It gives a really great finish when used with a good automotive primer ( when you spray it you will  think it's gloss but give it about an hour or so to dry).  However, it says right on the can that a primer is not required.  I have used it both ways no primer for suspension parts etc.  Does a very nice job and it's real cheap too about $15.00 CDN for a quart.  About $8.00 for a spray bomb.  There is no need for to use an additive to knock off the shine in regular black.  Try it you will be very surprised at the results.

12.  From Colin in Canada--I found a spray paint with a good color match for ski-doo yellow.  I used a NOS polycarb gas door from a '72  for as perfect a match that I couldn't tell the difference side by side!  Being in Canada, I took a trip to my local "Canadian Tire" store and picked up some Armor Coat "sunshine yellow", cost a whopping $3.29 (CDN) a can.  For those of us who want a nice looking sled and have economy in mind, it can't be beat!  Check out this:

13. From Frank (see 1a above):  Frank reports he has found another very nice ski-doo color yellow type color that people would like to know of.   The brand is Dupont #D7969A3, the product is Urethane acrylic enamel.  His friend painted is 1972 MK-1 ski-boose with it and it came out very nice.  Frank--THANK YOU!

14.  From Sebastian in Canada.  Here's what he uses for the deep ski-doo yellow for sleds from 1966 to 1970 that he paints:

BASF and RM Number  89849F or PPG Number DBU 88272 or you can go to the ski-doo dealer and order 413 413 000 paint--you still can buy it he told me!

Also, for a lighter yellow for other '70s ski-doos he uses Sunflower Yellow (RM Paint Code) 
(Note:  Total mixed quantity does not equal 1 liter.)

BC 50 = 100
BC 670 = 669
BC 190 = 9912
BC 100 = 1000

15 31 Mar 04-- Silver Grey for 1973 Silver Bullet T'NT Frame

Here's what Chris at sent in!

Maker: Ditzler
Paint Number: DAR 2593
Original maker: Ford '73 to '84 Truck

16. 10 Aug 04

Here are some sent in by Dave:

Got a couple of paint codes for a 76 Skidoo RV:  A body shop color matched for me to the original paint under the decal, it was the paint chip 6177B COLOUR MAX SOLID, this translates into RM WH224259, which I'm told is only available in Base/Clear.

I also got the code RM 79648 form the Bombardier Museum which they use for '76 and '77 Skidoo's, this one is available in the RM Limco 2 single stage paint.

I've not yet used either one.

17. 14 Sep 04

Al (see # 9 above too) sends in some more great info:

A great match for the '76 RV.    Brand is DuPont Centari, code is YS284A.   This color is a tad more orange than the code I previous sent (and use to paint the side panel triangles on my 73/74 F/As--YS913).   The YS913 has less red in the mix and thus appears not as orange.  The 913 is a better match for the '71-'74 Oly polycarb.

18. 12 Jan 12.  Ken sent these incredible PDF files in.  All rights to Bombardier and BRP and etc.  Thank you Ken.

19. 13 Feb 16.  For ski-doo yellow Terry has been using PPG code 81259.

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