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This page, like this web site, is a reality because of the many people who send in information because they what to help others.   Without them there would be no oldski-doosleds site.

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The Bombardier ski-boose had an interesting and fragmented history, but with your help over the last 24 years we are piecing it together.

In the early '60 an un-powered small ski-doo Tin Cab look alike was made to coast down hills.  One is owned by Buck and Connie G. and they wrote, "Was only three made. It has a wide ski underneath so you would be able to go down a hill.  Wasn't really made to be pulled".  During this time frame a gentleman from Sherbrooke, Quebec hand made small Tin Cabs with ski runners underneath and a bar to between the ski tips for a two rope; sold them to Bombardier dealers for resale.  

The first sleighs offered by Bombardier is the Bombardier Trapper Sled used with Tin Cabs (if you have any more info to offer on this rare piece of history please let us know) and in 1963 the first cutter offered by Bombardier was produced.  It was manufactured by Kingsbury Industries, one of the first partnerships with Bombardier.  A picture from the original 1963 Kingbury's accessories sales brochure can be seen by clicking here.  The 1963 cutters had black seats and the 1964 model had the red burgundy seat.

Another type "ski-boose" hit the scene for  model year 1965.  It was called the TRAINEAU POUR SKI-DOO or SKI-DOO SLEIGH.  Pictures of it can be seen by clicking here or looking in the 1965 Bombardier ski-doo owner's manual on page -49-.  Also, please check out the ski-boose ID page for pictures of the only two 1965s I know of.

The Bombardier 1966 accessories pamphlet called it the "SKI-DOO cutter" this name was confirmed by Phil M. (ski-doo guru).  The only picture we have of people actually using this cutter is from David S. in Canada.  However, in the Bombardier book, "ski-doo As long as there's winter...," on page 25 it is called a Sleigh.  I agree with Phil and the name cutter makes sense with the flavor of the time.  Also, the price of a '65 or '66 in excellent original condition is between $800-$1,000.

In 1967, Bombardier replaced the cutter to a small bath tub looking unit and called it a Ski-Boose.  They keep this same style in 1967, 1968, and 1969 (called the ski-boose Mark I in '69).  Please see the pictures for all three years because they had different cosmetic changes over that time.  In 1969, the snowmobile craze was taking North America by (snow) storm, literary.   A model company even included a ski-boose with its Nordic/ski-boose combination model.  I own a '68 ski-boose and being 6' 3" I wouldn't want to have been in it for very long.  However, it was great for kids and supplies (my Vintage friends tell me it was made to carry my spare Bombardier parts to help repair broken down ski-doos).  Prices for these little bathtub ski-booses range between $100 and $300.

1970 brought in a new decade; an updated ski-boose(s), and a beastie called the Carry-Boose.  Here's a line-up shot of the Carry-Boose, MK1, and MK2.  The Carry-Boose was an excellent idea for people who Ice Fished.  Sturdy to take the pounding of getting beat the hell out of it while being pulled down roads, over ice, snow, dirt, and those nasty pressure cracks.  As a kid, I seen them everywhere in the Mid-Michigan and Saginaw Bay areas.  Note:  The Mark II was in very limited production in for the 1969 model year.

From 1971 to 1973 not too much changed, please see the pictures.  After 1973, I need your help with pictures and information (year, model name, ID number, and etc).  

Also, I have been told by two folks that have been dealers since the mid-sixties that Bombardier quit making and marketing the ski-boose because it was a liability nightmare.

Thank you to the many, many, people who have sent pictures (I'm not claiming ownership on any of them, except the ones I personally took (If someone has sent me a copyrighted picture please let me know so we can either ask permission to use it or we will remove it from the site).

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