Wixom Lake, Pary Drain Canal
Terrestrial Demonstration Projects


* Winter Remedation
* Before Demostration Spray 
* Demostration Day Spray

WLIB/WLA/VSA Joint Demostration Test
Photos and Videos
9 Aug 23
(Before 2024 Spray)
29 Aug 23 (Day of 2024 Spray)

9 Aug 23
Outlet to Wixom Lake

Video (Outlet to Wixom Lake)

9 Aug 23
Looking North from Outlet Bend of Wixom Lake along Pine St
Before 2024 Spray and Note 2022 Spray Area

Video (Shows results of 2022 Spray to 9 Aug 23)

9 Aug 23
Southern Point of Pary Drain along Pine St North to Mid-Way towards Red Oak St
(Note 2022 Spray vs 2024 Not Sprayed Yet; Clearly See Where 2022 Stopped)

9 Aug 23
Pary Drain East Arm Along Pine St Mid-Point North to Red Oak St
(Note First Two Photos Compare 2022 Spray Results to not Sprayed (Clearly See Where Spray Stopped)

9 Aug 23
Pary Drain West Arm South of Red Oak St between Grouse and Northern Trail
Looking South
Looking North (Note where 2022 Spray Stopped)

9 Aug 23
Pary Drain Central (Main) Arm South of Red Oak St Between Grouse and Mallard
Looking South from Red Oak St to Bend
Looking South from Bend to Mid-Point
Looking North from Mid-Point to Bend
Looking South from Mid-Point to Pine St
Looking North from Pine St to Red Oak St (Note where 2022 Spray Stopped)

30 Aug 23
Pary Drain Demostration Spraying (10 Acres)
Equipment: Airboat, Argo, and Backpack Sprayers
Notes:  1.  Airboat could not be used because of canal steepness and type of trailer coupled with airboat's low transom caused water to wash over into the craft while on the trailer.  2.  Immediately the Argo took on water most likely due to an axle seal failure; the material pump failed and the tank outlet fitting to the filter broke. 3.  The entire 10 acres was done by hand with backpack sprayers.



Hand Spray

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