Michigan Vintage Sled Guidance 

Below is for guidance only to help Promoters and Point-of-Contacts of Antique, Vintage, Classic Snowmobile  Shows in Michigan.  Standardization ensures more participation, reduce frustration, less confusion, and higher event turnout.  Below is guidance for Classification and Show Classes.

Snowmobile Classification

Antique -- 1968 and older
Vintage -- 1969 to 1980 
Classic -- 1981 to 1991
Historic -- 1991 and older
Modern -- 1992 and newer

Note 1:  Last year of Classic changes each calendar year (i.e. in 2018 it will  be 1992) and as does Historic (i.e. in 2018 it will be 1992 and older). 

Note 2:  The Antique, Vintage, and Classic definition were agreed upon at the Michigan Vintage Snowmobile Alliance (MVSA) meeting in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, hosted by BEVRA,  by the show promoters and approved by representatives of the ASCOA, MIASCOA, and VSCA.   Historic definition defined by State of Michigan for Historic Snowmobile registrations.  Modern is any year after Historic.

Note 3:  State of Michigan Historic Snowmobile Info Click Here

Show Classes

Best Cutter/Sleigh -- Self explanatory.

Best Display -- Self explanatory.

Best In Show -- Only displayers vote. 

Best Mini Sled -- Self explanatory.

Best Muscle Sled -- Self explanatory.

Best Race Sled -- Self explanatory.

Best Trail Sled  -- Self explanatory.

Custom --  Anything goes (must have track(s) and ski(s)).  Clone sleds only go here. 

Farthest Traveled -- Self explanatory.

Oldest Sled -- Self explanatory.

Original -- see Survivor and Un-Restored below.

People's Choice -- Only Spectators vote.

Rat Sled -- Combining two or more snowmobiles or anything for that matter to make a snowmobile (must have track(s) and ski(s)).  

Restored -- Original as it left the factory.  Anything can be done to bring it back to OEM specifications. 

Survivor --  100% original as it left the factory.  Decals and stickers over the years left on.

Un-Restored --  Must by original as it left the factory with only very minor painting to protect areas from corrosion.

Year Classification --  See Snowmobile Classification above

Note 1 :  The above was agreed upon at the Michigan Vintage Snowmobile Alliance meeting.

Note 2:  For another source of classes with in-depth guidance contact the VSCA or recent Vintage National Show(s) points-of-contact. 

Race Classes

It was determined at the MVSA meeting that Albright Shores, BEVRA, Cherry Speedway, and Lucky Thumb would standardize as much as possible while tailoring some classes to the needs of their members. Bottom Line:  If you have a vintage sled, that meets that track's safety rules, you will be put in the most fairest class possible to safely compete.